Success Stories

“He who has health has hope and he who has hope has everything.”

– Arabian proverb

Mark was injured in an explosion and fire. Years later he had the sensation of hundreds of bees stinging his legs, especially in the hot days of summer. Many homeopaths would have given Apis Mellifica, a remedy made from the honeybee. Using a Cycles and Segments approach, Dianna gave Mark a remedy made from a mineral. Six months later he reports that the burning, stinging pain is 99% gone.


Jessica developed anxiety after transferring to a new school in fifth grade. Her stomach hurt every morning, and especially on Sunday nights. She cried every day before and after school. After a remedy prepared from a plant, specifically a bush, her school and test anxiety, stomach pain and crying stopped. Jessica says “Your sugar candies helped, Dianna.”

Mary came to see Dianna for asthma, anxiety after witnessing a family member get swept up in a rip tide (and saved from drowning), and an overall sensitive constitution. After two doses of a constitutional remedy, Mary’s asthma is better, and her anxiety has decreased.

Although homeopathy does not cure Multiple Sclerosis, Natalia came to see Dianna for electrical pains, debilitating migraines, vertigo and itchiness. After a few months of a daily low-dose remedy added to her prescribed drugs, Natalia reports that the above symptoms are significantly decreased and that she has more confidence as her body is feeling better overall.

Annabelle was in a serious car accident and had a severe traumatic head injury. She was not able to think clearly, was overwhelmed easily and could not work. After repeating her constitutional remedy a few times, as she continued to work with her doctors and therapists, she is back to work and feeling much better. The remedy supports therapeutic treatments. We often find that therapies work more thoroughly after a constitutional remedy is taken by a client.


Penelope, Shannon and Layla visited the Labyrinth of the Heart Center for support with perimenopause or menopause symptoms including hot flashes and night sweats. They responded quickly to a remedy made from the calcium in the oyster shell and report relief from their symptoms.

Nellie had severe pain in her abdomen after surgery. She spoke with Dianna for surgery support and after taking a remedy made from a flower, Nellie did not have extreme pain when she coughed. The next day she was able to take a shower by herself for the first time in the weeks since her surgery. Her surgeon is shocked at how the surgical area looks after three weeks have passed. Her wounds look more healed than they should this far out of surgery. Nellie took a high dose of Arnica immediately after the surgery, and then Bellis Perennis for deep abdominal pain after surgery.

Forty-year-old Anna had night terrors and intense fear of the dark since she was a child. After working together for a few months, she sleeps through the night peacefully.

Frank could not look me in the eye after being shamed in front of his class by his fifth-grade teacher repeatedly for months. He occasionally had the thought that it would be better to be dead. After two doses of a constitutional remedy, he no longer has that thought, He is feeling more confident about himself ,as he makes new friends.

Vera had severe chronic fatigue for years. She had to plan her workday around her fatigue. When Vera worked in the morning she had to rest for a couple of hours before resuming work. If she worked two days in a row, the next day was a day to recuperate her energy. A remedy made from a particular tree bark gave Vera more energy and vitality. She is now able to manage a full day of work and activities, five to seven days in a row.


Katie needed digestive support during chemotherapy for inflammatory breast cancer. Most foods upset her stomach. She is doing well on chemo now and reports feeling better as she continues treatment. She first took a remedy specifically for indigestion, and now she is on her constitutional low-dose daily remedy. Katie has more energy, and her digestion is fine now.

Rhonda came in for brain fog and cognitive issues after having the Covid virus. She is thinking more clearly and functioning like herself after her remedy made from a mineral helped her to overcome Long Covid.

Sarah was in a car accident and then witnessed a car accident that threw a pedestrian into the street. She could not sleep and had trouble driving and getting through her workday. After a remedy for shock, she was able to sleep that night and she has resumed her daily activities with ease.

*All names have been changed to protect the identity of clients.