“Self-care is not selfish. You cannot serve from an empty vessel.”

– Eleanor Brown


Dianna is an excellent homeopath – rigorous, methodical, diligent, careful, precise. She’s also a wonderful human being – warm, caring, intuitive, emotionally intelligent. What makes her truly special though​ is that she naturally marries her human and clinical skills, powerfully elevating all facets of her craft as a result – both the clinical, and the human.

This is what makes Dianna a truly exceptional and gifted healer. It’s a great comfort knowing I can rely on her support for my wellness and that of my small children. 1000 shining stars.

- Michael

Dianna has a gifted clinical intuition along with her rigorous study and passion for Homeopathy. She is engaging and cares deeply about the cases she takes on. I am grateful to have found a true classical Homeopath that works creatively and thoughtfully with adults and kids on a wide range of concerns. She has worked with me while recovering from a car accident, my son who is a sensitive one working through anxiety and my mother with osteoporosis! What a skillset!

- Brie

I contacted Dianna for help mainly for grief and a serious hair loss condition (LPP) which resurfaced after being dormant for 30 years. Dianna gave me an impressive thorough evaluation of ALL my health concerns on zoom and prescribed a remedy. I began to see improvements on my scalp and mood as well as being excited to find out that a bothersome gynecological issue had cleared while on the remedy! Totally unexpected!

When I came down with Covid, I immediately contacted her and she prescribed a higher dose of the same remedy. I came though Covid at 67 yrs old, unvaccinated. I believe the remedy helped. Dianna always made a point of staying in contact with me for follow ups. She’s kind, caring, sensitive and a great listener. I would highly recommend her!

- Brenda

Dianna, the founder goes to the same church as I do. She witnessed that I can’t walk very well without my 3rd leg (my cane) and told me that she thought she could help me. I doubted she would be able to because I heard it all before. You see, I have MS, an auto-immune disease which affects my nerve center. It is miserable, painful and although it effects everyone differently, this makes finding a cure EXTREMELY difficult. I trusted Dianna and although I didn’t think she could help me, I agreed to give it a shot. I couldn’t be happier with my results. So much of my pain has been significantly LESS, my headaches (migraines) are happening less and less, my balance has improved and with less pain I am feeling more confident. LABYRINTH OF THE HEART CENTER has given me such hope. I live better now and didn’t think that my body and mind would/could feel this way. Thank you, Dianna for helping me! I know I can never repay your kindness, not giving up on me and helping me to a degree I never expected. Now, I am a true believer!!!!!

- Gloria

I am in denial that the treatment worked! My daughter Madison had anxiety going to a new elementary school. She had stomach aches from anxiety and cried several times a day every day. I was so stressed and felt helpless with Madison’s situation until Dianna talked to us about her practice. After one treatment, Madison stopped crying completely. She no longer has anxiety when she goes to school and her stomach no longer hurts every morning. Dianna is our lifesaver! I wish I could give her 10 stars.

- Yen

Dianna is a gifted and thoughtful practitioner. Her thorough and educated approach to homeopathy is extraordinary. I went to see her with severe night sweats and hot flashes due to menopause. After one treatment of the remedy that she chose for me, based upon personalized factors, my symptoms were eliminated. I have such deep trust in this process, and Dianna’s application of this tried and true method. If you haven’t considered homeopathy or are curious about how it may assist you in operating from a strong and centered place of wellbeing, I strongly recommend you call Dianna.

- Leslie

Dianna is truly such an extraordinary person. When you work with her, or just have the privilege of knowing her, it is so apparent her passion is helping people and making sure they can live their best life.

I was involved in multiple traumatic car accidents in a short period of time, suffering from terrible (what I didn’t know at the time was) shock. This beautiful soul and wonderful person, Dianna, was so quick to realize what was happening to me, even when I didn’t know what it was.

With her help and immediate treatment, I saw my issues nearly eradicated overnight. I can now sleep through the night, drive my car again without crying or slamming on my brakes every 2 minutes, and don’t shake and weep throughout the day. I genuinely believe Dianna has helped save my sanity, my business, and my overall health and well being.
If you are experiencing an issue with your health, talk to Dianna… I truly believe she is an angel sent from above to help heal and restore the people around her.

- Sydnee


Working with Dianna has been incredibly supportive, affirming, and helpful. I’m impressed at her level of detailed listening, her intuitive understanding, and her willingness to take the time needed to fit me with exactly the right remedy. I could feel the remedy working right away! I trust Dianna completely, and I plan on hiring her to meet with my children as they go through the throws of their teen years. I can’t think of a better way to support them as they come into themselves.

- Brigitte

I was struggling with a deeply uncomfortable sluggish digestive system. With her warmth, attuned presence and curiosity, Dianna dedicated time to carefully assess my concerns and found a remedy that has radically changed my digestive system’s functioning. I could not believe the progress! It was wonderful to wake up rested and experiencing general well being after at least five years of struggling with very disruptive digestive problems after mealtimes. I recommend Dianna highly with confidence and gratitude. She is a caring, invested and dedicated homeopath and healing expert.

- S

Dianna is a wonderful and caring person who puts all her energy into healing her patients. Even though I am a great distance away, we zoomed and had a long session of questions and answers that helped her determine the root of my issues. I have a severe case of tinnitus for years now that has affected my hearing a great deal. Even though the doctor told me there is no cure for the ringing in the ears, he suggested hearing aids for my hearing loss. After speaking with Dianna and receiving her remedies, I have to say that my hearing has improved greatly and am no longer in need of a hearing aid.

She also helped me with knee and back pain. I am totally grateful for Dianna’s healing methods and will continue to work with her. Thank you Dianna for being so diligent, caring and so thorough with my case.

- Mary

I went to Dianna, my neighbor and homeopath, for treatment for my asthma. I was waking up daily using my Albuterol inhaler and sometimes my Alvesco steroid inhaler. I dislike using any steroid of any type as I believe this breaks down bone bone density in the body and I now have osteoporosis at the age of 73, as I have been on asthma medication since I was four years old. At 73 and being only 5’2 and weighing only 115 pounds, I am an active gardener and photographer and my Achilles heel has always been my lungs, no matter how much I work out to stay in good physical health.

After an extensive consultation with Diana, she decided on a homeopathic remedy. I am now on my second dose, and it has been a miracle for me. Though my asthma is not yet cured, this tiny little pill that I place under my tongue and let dissolve, has changed my life. Even with my air conditioner going which dries the air inside my home, I have not had to reach for my Albuterol inhaler instantly every morning. The homeopathic remedy that Dianna put me on has been an amazing game changer in my life. I can now go out and do photography and gardening, without worrying about wheezing at the end of the day.

I cannot thank Dianna enough for the amazing change that she has made in my life. One should give Dianna a chance for a consultation. Please consider that homeopathy does not have side effects, so you have nothing to lose by trying it. My steroid use through asthma medicine since I was 4 has had grave consequences on my life in accelerating osteoporosis. My remedy has no such side effects no matter how long I use it.

Please give homeopathy a try and please use Dianna V Armentrout of Labyrinth of the Heart Center as your homeopath, as Dianna truly cares about people and her heart is genuine in wanting to help people. She also studies your case for some time to gives you the remedy she believes is the right one. I highly recommend her, and I will continue to go back for my remedy, which is far better than the asthma medicine with its side effects that I have taken all of my life. I still carry my inhalers as smell, smoke, honeybee stings, scotch broom, and other things contribute to my asthma, but they are now rescue inhalers, not something I need daily. Thank you, Dianna, for changing my life.

- Sharie